How do I enable the CharMap Keyboard?

Follow these steps to enable the CharMap Keyboard:

  • Open the Settings app and select “CharMap”.
  • Select “Keyboards” and toggle “CharMap” on.
  • Optionally toggle “Allow Full Access” on to enable certain keyboard settings.
  • All done!

To use the keyboard, press the globe icon on the system keyboard until the CharMap Keyboard appears. Alternatively, you can press and hold the globe icon and select “CharMap” from the list of keyboards.

I've enabled the keyboard but it still doesn't appear.

If you’ve enabled the CharMap Keyboard and it still isn’t appearing for you, try rebooting your device.

Why do some characters not appear?

CharMap uses the default iOS font cascade list to render characters. Although this list includes a huge number of glyphs, some characters are not yet supported. When the app cannot render a character, the following symbol will appear instead:


You can still select unrenderable characters to view their details or copy and paste them to another app which may include a supported font.

Is it possible to use the Font Browser to change the system font?

Unfortunately not. The Font Browser is capable of showing all installed system fonts, but it is not currently possible for apps to change the system font.